What happens when a fabric weaver becomes a painter? Is there a way to blend the two art forms? This was my challenge as I stepped from the loom to the easel.

     There must be a way to combine the texture and depth of weaving with the flow of color in painting. I began to experiment with painting on a new medium ­ an art canvas composed of strips and strings that are carefully woven.

     When you see my paintings you may notice the colors gently lifted by the patterned background. There is a third dimension that produces soft shadows on the surface. I am determined to show the free forms of earth elements lightly laid upon an orderly framework, a hint of structure to nature.

My paintings are inspired by the hues and patterns of sea sky and stone. The intention is to convey the feelings that I associate with these natural elements, sometimes light and airy, but occasionally rich and deep. The paintings are meant to compliment the style of a room, whether contemporary or traditional, rather than overpower it.

     If you savor warm breezes on the seashore, starry summer evenings and quiet forest trails, I invite you to see what can happen when a fabric weaver becomes a painter.